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Grocery List Maker
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Grocery List Organizer
  • Categorized, printable grocery shopping list
  • Just use your voice to enter an item
  • Easy to use right out of the box
The Perfect Grocery List for Every Shopper
Everyone in the home can use the Smart Shopper printable grocery list generator. It comes with powerful magnets to help keep it mounted on your metal cabinets or refrigerator. Manage your pantry and refrigerator inventories in a snap with SmartShopper conveniently located in the kitchen. You can even mount it on a wall.
Voice Grocery List is Easy to Use
SmartShopper's easy-to-use, hands-free grocery list maker allows you to create, organize, and print your grocery list using only the power of your voice. The Smart Shopper electronic grocery list generator is the most intuitive way to plan for grocery shopping ever conceived. All the user must do is push the button to begin recording, and then say whatever it is that you need to buy! Order a SmartShopper and begin simplifying your life.

You and your family’s shopping needs will never outgrow the Smart Shopper. It begins with a vocabulary exceeding 2500 grocery items, and has the capability for you to add custom items to the library. The convenience and ease of use that the grocery list generator’s voice recognition technology brings is not the only advantage the Smart Shopper brings to the table, the items on your shopping list are automatically gathered into groups, so shopping with your list is a breeze.

When the hustle and bustle of a crowded store is threatening to overwhelm you, your SmartShopper printable grocery shopping list is there, keeping all important information at your fingertips!
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